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tv   Europe in Concert - Laura Mvula Britain  Deutsche Welle  June 29, 2018 5:15am-6:00am CEST

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content teaching the next generation doesn't buy into the touch of. reason channels available for people to take action and most are trying to build something here for the next generation the idea is the environment series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. germany state by state. the most colorful. the latest. the most traditional. find it all at any time. check in with the web special. take a tour of germany state by state on w dot com. in the.
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thank you folks. when you. come. to. the be. above. the
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world a. little cut. above. the book. on.
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plug. plug. plug. plug. plug. plug plug.
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plug plug. plug . me me me. me me me.
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me. me. me. me me me me
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. never give up. but.
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you sometimes go flying without.
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just tuck. the. plastic. cutlery. to.
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listen. to. the book.
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long. as we got to take off. with real. life sometimes would you. want. somebody. who's. coming.
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i like the theme of freedom this song is also about freedom it celebrates all people together. we glory a. wonderful.
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we love.
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to the.
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you. need to. take you. to help us be. buried and meet. one another like. the day one you. see.
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the little. polo shirt you big city and. sing the whole. bold learning. they are going to. her. mind was her. world her. heart. sings the home. was her.
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warm clothes where the thought of her. six. nothing. is going to.
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the e.r. . took me. on. the front line and i have all
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my paint is. fires carried so i want that and if. that stop if our. main. goal freedom we can. promise. we come. back. with our. if. you. will give up the. food.
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thing in. the law business. we've.
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you. are going.
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to. do.
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thank you. this song is for all that is.
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every night or so they're.
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moving. closer to. you know my luck to me. you guys. never get to do good. luck. luck still. love the slums still.
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love love. love. love. love. love love. love. the wanted name there's a link to the. ceiling it wouldn't be that.
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thank. you. sometimes. the ground. on the other. way.
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which you. were. on the. monday. you.
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wired to. eat.
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thank you. thank you for listening. thank you. thank. you for. what.
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was the. point.
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thank you very much for having us it's been such a wonderful experience thank. you .
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no. problem only you love. you and so it might.
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you. for dream international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week when you have resolve bitter divisions over migration jettisoned its longstanding humanitarian principles and turn its back on refugees time for fortress europe that's our topic on quadriga. quadriga thirty minutes w. .
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nico he's in germany to learn german heritage because. why not learn with him d w z learning course nikos fake. climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing our environment for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's inspire other. people an environment magazine. long d.w. . time for an upgrade. our furniture that grows all buying. a house with no room. for design highlights you can make yourself. tips and tricks that
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will turn your home just for special. upgrade yourself with d. w.'s interior design channel on you tube. e.u. leaders have reached a breakthrough deal on migration after all night talks in brussels the agreement includes setting up reception sunders to deal with asylum seekers and greater financial support for host countries french president among all mccrone said e.u. solidarity had won the day. in the deal is good news for german chancellor angela merkel her conservative coalition partners in berlin had vowed to take unilateral action without changes to migration.


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